Ice sculptor Dawson List with chainsaw
Dawson List of ice dragon ice sculptures is the sculptor of “Cool Brees.” Dawson has been to Alaska for the World Ice Art Championships three times before. He earned a second place in the multi-block competition in 2004 as part of a team that included Junichi Nakamura, Shinichi Sawamura, and Greg Butauski. Dawson also captained a two man team (with David Fong) in 2009 that took 6th place in the single block competition.
Dawson is an unabashed Saints fan, and appreciates what the Saints have done to revitalize the sometimes haggard spirit of New Orleans in the wake of Katrina. He took particular pleasure in carving the Saints first NFC Championship ice sculpture for their Championship dinner and then, two weeks later, carving their first Super Bowl Championship ice sculpture, for the victory parade party at Gallier Hall! Geaux Saints!