Cool Brees ice sculpture and Dawson List
"Cool Brees" was the first statue commemorating the Saints' first (and long awaited) World Championship. (You know there will be more statues someday; hopefully after a few more championships!) "Cool Brees" was sculpted out of ice at the 2010 World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks, Alaska by Dawson List. Sculpting went on from March 4 to March 8, 2010

Here’s a quick synopsis of the overall project:

To celebrate the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl victory and what it means to the city of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region in its slow recovery from Hurricane Katrina, Dawson List is creating a larger than life ice sculpture of Drew Brees, the Saints quarterback and Super Bowl MVP, with the words "Who Dat" and a fleur-de-lis down below. "Who Dat" is the beginning of a longer saying: "Who Dat say de gonna beat dem Saints," and has become sort of a greeting amongst the "Who Dat Nation" (Saints fans). Part of the project includes a significant donation to the Brees Dream Foundation, which focuses on children in need and cancer causes as well as many Katrina-related projects. Drew Brees and the Saints have become very special to the citizens of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast and this is a way to say thanks for what they have done to revitalize the spirit of some people who really needed it!

Brees Dream Foundation donation check
The project has so far generated $2000 for charity with plans for more. The cashier’s check above was delivered thanks to the generous support of the project’s sponsors!

Quick facts:
The name "Cool Brees" was chosen because of the obvious association with ice and that it was Drew Brees' old nickname.

The black in the number 9 and the gold in the fleur-de-lis are from glitter encased in the ice. The white on the jersey is, of course, snow.

According to Google driving directions, Fairbanks is 4308 miles from New Orleans (when you fly, it usually takes less time to get to Europe from New Orleans).

The blocks used to carve Drew were either 4’x6’x3’ or 5’x8’x3’ and of “natural” ice. Heavy machinery is required to move these sort of blocks. The 4x6 blocks are about 4100 lbs. each. Drew required about 9000 lbs of ice to cut.

It worked out that “Cool Brees” was about 9 feet tall. He also required about 90 hours to carve. Neither of these aspects were part of the original plan; it's just how it worked out.